Mother/Baby Units

Our mother-baby unit is designed to provide personalized care that is tailored to the needs of each mother and her newborn. Here you will find compassionate nurses and lactation consultants as well as the tools and guidance you need to begin caring for your baby. 

Meet our amazing team:


Learn more here information about the maternity services we offer at Mission Hospital. To register for our free orientation class at Mission Hospital, please visit


Our goal is to empower you to return home with confidence in your abilities to care for your tiny new family member.

A soothing and supportive place to recover from labor and adjust to motherhood, our mother-baby unit offers:

  • 34 private mother-baby rooms, each with a daybed so a family member may stay with you
  • Large bathrooms featuring deep bathtubs where you can relax and soothe sore muscles
  • Cribs, bassinettes, blankets and clothes for baby while you’re with us
  • Instruction from experienced nurses on proper infant-holding, diaper-changing, swaddling and other aspects of infant-care

Virtual Tour - Mother/Baby Unit

The Mother Baby Unit offers 34 private, state-of-the-art rooms, each with a daybed so a family member can stay with mom. Each room's large bathroom features a deep bathtub where mothers can relax and soothe sore muscles.

Virtual Tour - Mother/Baby Room

The Mother-Baby Unit provides personal care tailored to the needs of each mother and her newborn. Babies staying with their mother full-time, giving families a head start on bonding with their new addition.

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A room for mother and baby

After your baby is born, you will be taken to a room you will share with your new baby until you go home. Babies stay with their mothers at all times. The nurses in this area are skilled in caring for mothers who have given birth and their newborns. They are called Mother Baby Nurses. They will help you begin to care for your baby. If your baby has special medical needs, he or she will stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care for close observation and specialized care. On occassion, mothers and babies may need to stay on our Women's Surgical Center. It is important to know that all nurses who care for moms and babies are specially trained.


Breastfeeding is the best food to start your baby's life. In the last few weeks of your pregnancy think about taking a breastfeeding class offered through Mission, the Buncombe County Health Center or other health centers in your area. Our Mother-Baby nurses have special training to help you get started with breastfeeding.

If you or your baby have special needs with breastfeeding, lactation consultants (breastfeeding experts) can work with you. Mission's Breastfeeding Center rents and sells electric breastfeeding pumps for use after you go home. You can also call for an appointment with a lactation consultant if you have questions or problems after you go home.

The number is 828-213-1103.

For the safety of your baby

We want you and your family to feel safe and comfortable. To provide you and your baby with the safest surroundings it is very important to:

Never leave your baby alone, even to take a shower. Staff can help care for your baby at any time.

Know your nurses' names.

If someone you don't know asks to take your baby, press the call bell for the nurse right away.

Put your baby in a bassinet any time he or she leaves the room. No one should carry your baby in their arms out of your room.

An electronic security system is in place on the Mother Baby Unit. Your nurse will explain how the system works.

Your comfort

Getting relief from pain is important for healing. Ask your nurse about pain medicine and other care that may be done to help you feel better. The pain medicines will not cause addiction and will help you get out of bed sooner. Being active will help you feel better. Tune in to our Relaxation Station, channel 32, for soothing music and photos. We also have other options for enhancing your comfort, such as aromatherapy, healing touch, pet therapy, etc. Please let your nurse know you would like a consult with the Integrative Health Nurses.

Spiritual support

This can be a very emotional time and you may have special needs. Mission has chaplains in the hospital to offer spiritual support or a listening ear. At your request your nurse will call a chaplain.

Learning more about baby care

Channel 06 is the hospital's newborn TV channel. Take time to watch these programs with your family while you are in the hospital, for information on caring for your new baby. During your hospital stay and after you go home, you will be able to view the Newborn Channel at your leisure. Please talk with your nurse about this easy, convenient learning tool.


Mission has a photo service to make some of your baby's first pictures. You may want to bring a special outfit to the hospital for these. The nursing staff will give you more information about this service when you arrive. Right after the pictures are taken you will be able to select the ones you like and order from a range of package choices.